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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Just Experiment IV

This week saw the physical release of Mark Ronson’s not-too-shabby cover of Radiohead’s Just. An apt moment to refresh your memory to the chilling beauty of the promo for Radiohead’ original. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Radiohead but I can recognize some pretty damn fine songs when I hear them. I’ve currently banned myself from listening to the band: they make me want to retire to bed and never re-emerge… I can’t help thinking the promo’s premise reminds me of something; possibly something from 2000AD, possibly a Judge Dredd story… answer on a postcard (or the comments section) please!

Just, 1995. Directed by Jamie Thraves.

Strangely, the feel of the piece recalls the more extravagant (and impressively cast- that’s what happens when you get in with the Comic Strip team) Experiment IV from Kate Bush. Which in turn seems to nod towards Gilliam’s wonderful Brazil.

Experiment IV, 1986. Directed by Kate Bush.

…and, as you probably need cheering up, here’s Ronson’s take on the Radiohead video.

Just, 2008. Directed by Jim Canty.


Chip Smith said...

I know what you mean about Radiohead - I love There There and No Surprises, but stretched over the course of 50 minutes, they leave me worn out and mostly baffled - which is weird, as I get the distinct impression that I should at least *like* them.

Jon Peacey said...

Sorry for slight reply delay.

Radiohead are rather draining and, dare I say, just a touch depressing. I certainly understand when you say you get the distinct impression you 'should at least *like* them'. There are a couple bands (and some films) like that for me: the big embarassing one for me is Joy Division... I know I should like them and in short bursts I do... but in the end I find them more 'to be admired than liked'.