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Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I have just noticed the following on the label of one of the supermarket medicaments I take to rein in my arthritis… ‘JOINTS!’

Is this another case of dumbing down; false advertizing to hippies, diversification (I’ve never checked the list of active ingredients) or are they just taking a leaf out of the Gospel According to Ronseal?

How long has this been going on? Why haven’t I noticed this before? Maybe I should check whether my bread is marked belly or the Piriteze is marked nose?

All rather inconsequential but does give me an excuse to include some clips from the now surprisingly prescient Alex Cox written and directed film Repo Man from 1984. If I had a short list of favourite films it would probably be on it.

***clips contain a near full house: violence, sex, swearing, drug abuse, hardcore punk and spoilers***

The Opening 10 Minutes
In which the anarchic and counter-cultural Alex Cox proves that he is not immune to following the mainstream Hollywood rules. Check the supermarket products in the scene from 4’20” to 5’50”. You also get some rather cracking music.

Miller explains the Weirdness
No relevance to the post but I like it. The logic is so perfect, so impeccable and yet so wrong.

Support the ongoing Alex Cox project by buying Repo Man and/or Highway Patrolman.


Currently, 70 pages into the first draft of the TV episode- so far it’s very flabby with too much dialogue including way too much very bad dialogue. A week had to be spent initially editing and re-writing the original episode plan when a re-reading discovered several problems not least amongst these that a character actually dies twice. Not good. However, I think this current draft- which no-one will ever read- has entered the home stretch. Then the red pen can be wielded with due ferocity!


Chip Smith said...

Two posts in as many days, Jon? Steady on now, you're in danger of becoming prolific ;-)

I love Repo Man, and Alex Cox's website is brilliant as well: (http://www.alexcox.com). I particuarly like what he has to say about screenwriting programmes - that said, most of his scripts seem to be covered in doodles and references to The Clash, which apparently isn't an option with Final Draft ;-)

Jon Peacey said...

It's terribly embarrassing- people will start to have expectations! And that would never do.

Bizarrely, I preferred the BBC censored version of Repo Man- so I never wiped it- it's full of 'melon-farmer' and 'flip you' which, at the time, I thought was deliberate! Adds a whole new layer of strange to the film.

Haven't visited his website in a long time. Most of my writing ends up covered with doodles and often notes for other pieces. Most of my writing starts hand-written. By quill. ;)