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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Boring Update

I had intended the next post to be about Red Planet but instead, a couple of weeks back, I went ass over tip in the bathroom (not the most forgivingly cushioned part of a house) and cracked a couple of ribs. Haven’t bothered taking them to the doctor because, firstly, it feels exactly the same as the last time I did it (so it’s a safe assumption it’s the exact same thing) and, secondly, there’s precisely nothing that can be done anyway: just have to sit it out for a couple of months. Anyway, leaning forward over a laptop is not the most excessively comfortable thing right now.

Apologies for being so boring. However, in recompense, here’s a clip of two cracking Welshmen performing a right good version of a Manics’ song...

Further boring updates as and when.

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