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Sunday, 9 September 2007

A Pain That I’m Used To

I was reminded of something by an aside in a post from Comrade Arnopp at http://jasonarnopp.blogspot.com/2007/09/writer-endorphin.html. (I'd do something smart with that cumbersomeness but I haven't worked out how yet.) I rarely drink these days, no drugs or 'fags' (neither really appealed), however…

…however, most days, I rattle like a pharmacy. A couple of pills for the usual minor ailments we all have… you hit 20 and your body just starts falling apart… or was that just me? Then I often take a few painkillers: the maximum strength Ibuprofen. (Annoyingly, I found out a coupld of months back I’d been taking twice the daily dose- ineffectually- because being a writer obviously means that I can’t actually read simple bits of packaging!)

By the way, explain this one to me: if I buy 400 mg tablets I’m allowed to take 4 a day but if I take the 200 mgs I can guzzle 8… but isn’t this the same thing? Now, I have a high pain threshold, I was told that by an expert (a physio not dominatrix… though their techniques look suspiciously similar), but I still prefer to have the edge removed. By the way, it’s nothing particularly serious in the scheme of things, so don’t be getting all big concerned looks across your collective faces.

Paracetomol doesn’t contain an anti-inflammatory, aspirin helps me become reacquainted with my dinner, Ibuprofen works a bit. But I find this a touch problematic. Then to counter the numbing of the Ibuprofen I drink about 8 gallons of PG a day.

So, here’s the conundrum: if I take all the Ibuprofen I need for to do its trick I end up rather foggy and my brain feels like it’s wrapped up in damp towels and writing becomes somewhat difficult as I can’t come up ideas or good words. On the other hand, if I don’t take them, I can’t settle for more than 10 minutes without getting uncomfortable and needing to stretch all the time but my mind fires on all cylinders. (Don't think I'm whining about this though, 'cos I'm not... there's a lot of people with far worse problems than mine. It's just an intriguing conundrum for me.)

Tricky though, t’ain’t it?

Now, don’t get me started on Opioids*…

*prescription synthetic morphine-codeine preparations.

“Time may change me but I can’t trace time.” -Changes, David Bowie.

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